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Our technical team assists you with A to Z Solutions and Services on:

Project Audit / Due Diligence

Due diligence is a fundamental step prior to the acquisition, the refurbishment or the reconversion of a property, certifying the suitability of the property for its intended use and reinsuring the future owner and the financial institutions of the feasibility of their investment.

Vitalis Consulting runs due diligence reports with a clear purpose of assessing development risks. The review covers the full documentation of the project: from property titles to building & functioning authorizations, permits, and technical certifications. Our reports conclude in a list of irregularities and a set of suggested measures for the mending of the situation. Prior to the investment, the reports are a valuable financial planning tool.

Building Surveying

Building surveys, as well as due diligence reports, precede a major investment in the lifecycle of a property. Anin-depth analysis is performed to reveal the complete status quo of the building’s physical & technical condition: the foundation, roof, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, vertical transportation, and building envelope (windows and walls). The full diagnosis of the building’s systems highlights & evaluates overdue maintenance items that can materially affect the functioning and effective value of a property.

Vitalis team summarizes the findings in a list of irregularities and potential threats, proposed solutions, a calendar and an implementation budget, accompanied by the impact scenarios on the performance of the building, the forecasted savings and the increased market value of the asset.

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies are decisive strategic instruments in the assessment of a future investment. They focus on the business goals of the property, aiming to evaluate their likelihood to be achieved on a certain premise, factoring all construction and property-related risks and opportunities.

Vitalis Consulting grants its Clients unbiased view on net occupancy & maintenance costs, recommends suitable building solutions, enhances environmental standards and highlights legal restraints. The projectteam updates the estimated costs of the project and compares the overall financial efforts to the expected, long-term outcomes, endorsing the most suitable development strategy.

Project Monitoring

Project Monitoring is a supervision and reporting tool, tailored to the specific needs of financial institutions. It certifies that the investment is sustainable and that funding is properly used.

The Project Monitor verifies whether the Developer has obtained all the authorizations and approvals required by the state’s legislation for the development of the Project, that these authorizations and approvals are opposable to third parties, that they have been obtained based on the Technical Project and that the provisions of the construction contract are in compliance with them.

Project Monitoring analyzes and certifies fact that the specifications included in the design documentation cover all the elements and activities necessary for the completion of the Project. During construction, his role lies in valuing all the works completed by a certain date and confirming that they are compliant with the specifications of the Technical Report and with the Construction Authorization, outlining and commenting on any inconsistencies.

Contract Advisory Services

We grant our Clients with straight, impartial, reliable, fact-based advice to assist them in understanding the full legal implications of their commitments. Our bespoke assistance covers procurement, drafting, review, advice and contract audit.

Vitalis team conducts negotiations with the selected and accepted bidders in the presence of the Client. To ease the formalities and make sure that both financial and legal requirements are met, the assigned cost management team comments on and finalizes contracts in conjunction with Client’s legal advisor, reports and arranges signatures, when approved.

Vitalis Consulting also provides Dispute Management support to its Clients, ensuring a prompt & effective resolution to any potential conflict and avoiding unnecessary loss of time and resources.

Health & Safety Statement Preparation

Developers and Occupiers are primarily responsible for creating and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace, both on the site, during construction works, as well as on the finalized premise, for all of its future beneficiaries.

Vitalis Consulting expertise on health & safety supports Clients with mandatorytasks such as:

  • Designing, providing and maintaining a secure place of work that has safe access and egress, and uses equipment that is safe and without risk to health.
  • Managing and conducting all work activities so as to ensure the safety, health and welfare of people at work (including the prevention of improper conduct or behavior likely to put employees at risk).
  • Prevention of risks from the use of any article or substance, or from exposure to physical agents, noise, vibrations or other radiations.