Cost Management

As project beneficiary, you need a bird’s eye view over resource utilization. Such perspective is achieved via thorough planning, accounting, monitoring and control of the allocation of costs during the project.

The focus of cost management is the elaboration of accurate and realistic budgets and the fulfilling of the original design plans within estimated costs. Our financial experts also indicate deviations from these plans,while constantly searching for sources of cash flow improvement and cost saving.

Cost Management

Cost Planning

Cost plans are financial road maps to the future development of the project. When thoroughly elaborated from the planning phase of the construction, they provide a clear and effective path to reaching the project goals.
Our focus is on proactive forecasting and permanently controlling costs, rather than delivering retrospective cost reports.


The team assists the Client in the selection of tenders for anythird party contract. During the selection phase, weorganize and conduct interviews, examine suitability for tender, assess the participants’ experience and prepare the short-list.
The cost management team has the role of monitoring the tenderprocedure, interviewing bidders and resolving queries andqualifications.

Value Engineering

Value engineering is a critical analysis of both the design and the functionality of a construction, with the purpose of assessing cost versus added value.
The scope of the valuation is to diminish or even take out superfluous expenses, while preserving the project specifications, when it comes to technical standards, attractiveness and sustainability.

Cash Flow Forecasting

The project expenses are fluctuant over several development phases and so is the need for financing. Having the available funds at the right time may result in significant savings, and allows the project team to value opportunities as they come up. Along the way, our key responsibilities are evaluating the construction costs and reconciling them with the current market circumstances in terms ofinflation, exchange rate variation etc.

Cost Management

Dealing with costs is an on-going responsibility, spanning over all stages of a project development.
The cost management team works with the designers andengineers and advises on ways to reduce costs and to remain withinthe approved budget. They perform value engineering in relationto the project meaning, exploring design and product alternativeswith the designers that will provide increased build-ability andcost and operational advantages for the Project.

Final Account Delivery

Thoroughness and transparency accompany our work from the early days of every project to its full completion. Providing clients with the overall cost situation, analyzing results and drawing conclusions is the key to permanent improvement.
When most teams rush to new projects, the cost management team remains at our Clients’ side, finalizing and provides for approval the Final Account Value for the Project.