Project Management

Project is synonym with business & technical innovation and design creativity, while managementis strongly linked to communication and leadership. Vitalis Consulting contributes to the edification of landmark buildings through a complete set of specialized construction and engineering skills backed by advanced technical & planning tools.

From design to turnkey, our company’s dedicated project teams deliver cost estimating, procurement and construction management services for all types of developments: office, commercial, residential, mixed-use, industrial & logistics.

Project Management

Client Representative

As Client Representatives on a construction project, we are in charge with supervising the progress of construction works, evolution of costsversus budget, the compliance with the original design &quality standards as well as anyother issues of interest to the Project Beneficiary and periodically reporting them in a transparent and effective manner.

Development Monitoring

Construction works requires careful supervision, through permanent communication and reporting, as well as frequent site visits destined to address impending issues as they occur. Since the financing aspects of the project are vital and often sensitive, our monitoring role refers to the most effective use of the loan facility and tailored advice on how to complete the project within the limits of the existing financing.

Programming Management

The effective management of complex projects requires a Master Programme, encompassing specific action sets for each sub-process. The project management team regularly monitors the progress of the Project against the Master Programme, including designer’s actions,and the progress of planning and construction approvals with theappropriate authorities.

Quality Control

A great project features modern, distinctive design, as well as cutting-edge technical specifications, delivering unparalleled experience to its beneficiaries. From the drawing board to the skyline of our cities, projects come to life through rigorous site supervision, control and enforcement of the quality standards throughout the construction process in compliance with design specifications and local norms.

Project Management

Our specialists provide general advice to the Client on feasibility of design, construction, budget & costs, program and procurement issues, prepare and provide suitable briefings and reports, in order to facilitate and support Client’s decisions at each major stage of the development process.

Risk Management

To identify the risks, which may affect the budget, timeline or quality standards of a construction project, we elaborate thorough simulations, assessing both the value and the likelihood of their occurrence. Our efforts ensure transparency on any potential threat and its consequences, allowing us to come up with adequate contingency plans.

Construction Management

Sophisticated, forward thinking projects in a dynamic environment call for a particular type of specialists who are able to expertly combine construction engineering knowledge with project management skills.
The construction site is the beating heart of every project, shaped with a unique design, guided by elaborate planning,fueled with well-weighted material resources and animated by competent, motivated people. The site manager runs the entire premises, keeping records of all on-going processes and constantly updating the project manager on the status of equipment, materials, subcontractors and overall construction progress.

Dispute Management

In front of any actual or potential dispute, our team sits with both parties in order to assess which are the main ‘resolution drivers’, as well as the risks for the conflict to escalate. Consequently, we present all available options under the state’s law, focusing on the development of a coherent and successful strategy to achieve a time-efficient and cost-effective result.
Construction dispute resolution options range from mediation and negotiation, expert determination, dispute resolution boards, early neutral evaluation, to arbitration and court.

Development Management

Our development management capabilities may come in handy when our Clients are in need of objective, unbiased advice on the development strategy, or simply lack certain development management resources within the internal team, such as feasibility studies, design review, construction engineering etc.

When involved from the early phases of a project’s development, Vitalis can guide the project strategy, elaborate thorough project completion strategies and play an important part in setting up, training and motivating a performing project team. Therefore, our work significantly contributes to a fluid management of all parties involved, reducing uncertainties and risks and enhancing the overall value of the project.

Facility Management

Working with our Clients is a long-term commitment to Vitalis team. Not only are we interested in successfully delivering their projects, but we also take the partnership one step further, supporting them throughout the entire life cycle of their property. Our role is to make sure all features and technical aspects of a building are functional and they provide the occupiers with the desired comfort and benefits, 24/7.

We do so by organizing the tendering, awarding and administration of maintenance contracts and setting up a permanent monitoring and support system, in order to give the client transparency and control of overall costs, as well as the guarantee of prompt remediation to any technical issues.