Coresi Business Park Brasov - new project in Vitalis portfolio

Vitalis Consulting team provides Project Monitoring services to Coresi Business Park on the upcoming phase of the project, scheduled for completion in Q2 2016. Coresi Business Park is one of the major urban regeneration projects in Romania, transforming the former Tractorul industrial platform. Positioned at the core of Brasov’s new district, Coresi, less than 1.5km away from the civic center of Brasov and 150 m from the Central Train Station, Coresi Business Park is highly accessible and benefits from great amenities in its vicinity, including Coresi Shopping Resort, Brasov’s only mall.

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Project Monitoring Services provided by Vitalis Consulting

Vitalis Consulting offer complete services of project management, but also other specialized services, such as Safety Control, Cost Control, Civil Engineering, Site Inspection, Energy Certification, Fit-Out Services and also Monitoring Project Services. The project Monitoring services are, usually, provided for financing institutions (banks) that give financing credits to developers in order to build or finish a construction and need an objective institution to evaluate and monitor the project’s progress, results and costs.

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Moldova Center – new project in Vitalis Consulting office portfolio

Vitalis enriched its portfolio with a new project, located in Iasi. Moldova Center, one of the most important shopping center in the city, became subject of rehabilitation and modernization in parallel with the complete change of the façade. Located in 1 Palat Street, the project consists in interior refurbishment of 2-6 floors in order to create modern offices in downtown Iasi.

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